I have been a lifelong resident of Macomb County and have resided in Fraser for nearly a decade. I have a passion for helping others to thrive and have been able to carry out that passion in both the personal and professional arenas of my life.

As a foster parent, I chose to step into the chaos of a broken system to help reunite birth families. I worked tirelessly to connect moms with the resources necessary to help lift them out of their current situations so that they could care for their children. I regularly volunteer with organizations that serve vulnerable and marginalized members of our community. Experiencing first hand just how archaic some of our systems are has driven me to advocate for changes to the systems and structures that are holding us all back.

Working in the non-profit sector for more than 20 years, I have been able to advocate for people from under-resourced communities and ensure that they have access to quality programs and basic needs. This work has influenced my decision to pursue a career in politics as I have seen first hand that we need to change some of our systems if we are going to see real, long-term changes in our communities.

I truly want what is best for the entire community and I believe that is going to take innovative ideas, creative approaches, and lots of compromise from both sides as we work together to make our community a better, more inclusive and diverse place for ALL.

Let’s change our community together.

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